Air pollution and SAR 2 Carona Virus is going from bad to worse and for India, looks like that is the biggest challenge we are facing today. Some brands are simply cashing in on the new problem and are launching gadgets and devices that help keep the air clean and breathe better. While people mainly step out now wearing masks, normal masks are of no use as while they keep some heavier particles out, they are no match for the finer gases that penetrate the cloth and enter the respirational tract nevertheless.  safety from coronain crowded places,air travel,gyms,cinema halls etc… 

Ecolighting has announced an all new product, their Electric Face Mask. The Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask is up for sale only in India and is not a product but for now, a concept which Ecolighting plans to build through crowdfunding. Ecolighting has their very own crowdfunding site, just like kickstarter and it is on this site that the Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask has debuted. The Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask  comes with a host of features and specifications and although it does look a tad but it is not  uncomfortable, it does protect to keep you safe and healthy even in the worst of Delhi and China pollution. It’s a light-weight and portable mask which is made from cloth. Ecolighting las listed all the features and specifications of the mask along with the look on their crowdfunding page and looks like the Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask has everything covered. 

In terms of looks, Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask comes in just one shade- that is the Black inner N95 Mask. There is a fan situated on the left of the Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask which will keep the air circulating and fresh. This fan acts as the air filter and is what helps you breathe pure air and provides filtration. The polyester cloth mask fits snugly and covers almost all of your nose and extends till the jawline. Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask is made of high-fibre textile and weighs nearly 60 grams, making it extremely lightweight and portable. It can easily be carried around in the pocket or in the purse/bag and as it is made of cloth, it can be folded too. Additionally, the air filter can be removed, making it easy to keep and even clean the mask. As the mask is made of cloth, it can be washed and cleaned regularly. Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask is made of a three dimensional design.

The materials the mask is made of boast of achieving almost 99 percent PM 2.5 filtration. As the filter is detachable, the filter can be separately maintained too. The fan comes with 3 different speed settings to make your breathing experience easier and also depending on the activity you do, it can work faster or slower. It comes with a power on/off button. The air purifier is battery operated and is fitted with high-density polymer lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged using the standard USB cable but the charge time is pretty high from 4-8 hours. But the battery is long lasting though the features do not define now long is the staying power.

While it is clear that Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask is a india-specific device for now, the device might soon come to India considering the country is battling some serious air pollution and Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. Ecolighting  Electric Face Mask is priced at 99 CNY which is rougly Rs 3080 in India. As it is a crowdfunding project, there might some time before Ecolighting decides to launch their experimental product in India but we definitely see a growing market for one here!

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